The School Council meets every half term. Each Year Group is represented by their Form Captain(s) and our Head Boy and Head Girl also join the meeting. All pupils can raise items for the agenda in Form Time and the representatives come along with their lists of what their form would like to be discussed.

The Headmistress chairs the meeting and everyone is given a chance to have their say.

Examples of topics discussed include this term’s main agenda item of School Houses. Many forms suggested naming them after famous Dyslexics and it was agreed at the meeting that all pupils and students would be able to vote for one female and one male. Colours, badges and possible ideas for House competitions were put forward to be discussed in the next Form time. This has caused great excitement throughout the school!

Any other business included a request for changing the material for match kit and ordering bigger sizes, a discussion on the types of chair used in various classrooms and a plea for a trampoline!

The meeting ended with Mrs Hedley asking that all members of the School Council passed on the message that all pupils and students were looking much smarter so a huge WELL DONE!