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At Moon Hall, Reigate, students can study Business from Year 10 and above.

Moon Hall pupil studying during a Geography lesson

Key Stage 4

We follow the OCR Business Studies Syllabus. Undertaking this subject enables students to engage in the study of business and to develop as thinkers with inquiring minds and problem-solving skills. It is a discipline that encourages an interest in current affairs and to appreciate the perspectives of different stakeholders.

Some of the topics which we cover in the course are:

  • Marketing, including advertising, development of products, setting the best price. 
  • Recruitment, including how businesses get the right staff and keep them working well. 
  • Business structures, including the different ways to set up a business. 
  • Finance, including how businesses get the money to set up and operate and how they make a profit. 
  • Business operations, including how businesses produce the things we buy. 
  • Influences on businesses, including the environment and how many businesses are operating around the world.


Independent Learning Activities

Business Studies - Year 10

Business Studies - Year 11


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