Multi Award winning Mainstream Dyslexia Specialist School for years 3 to 11


Key Stage 3

At Moon Hall there is a strong focus on the development of pupils’ social and emotional skills throughout the school, and specific social and emotional skills are taught during PSHEE lessons. In addition to this, pupils explore age-appropriate issues including:

  • Sex and relationships
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Financial capability
  • Economic wellbeing

Pupils are encouraged to examine their own and other people’s personal values; increase their understanding of cultural diversity; analyse risks and influences that they encounter; and explore the consequences of choices that people make in their lives.

Overarching all of this are the discussions and role-play to develop self-esteem and assertiveness.

The school has welcomed guest speakers from banks, health agencies, the police, the fire brigade and the RNLI in the pursuit of bringing the lessons to life and reinforcing the material in a multi-sensory way.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, with the college applications looming, the students focus on their next move. In the autumn of Year 11, a personal coaching company visits the school to conduct training for interviews. It is so daunting to face a real interview for the first time and this experience has proved invaluable in getting the students to talk about themselves in a formal setting.

In addition, the pupils explore these issues:

  • Parliament and government of the UK
  • The justice system, the law courts and the police
  • Human rights across the world
  • Harmful substances including drugs and alcohol
  • Sex and relationships
  • Economic wellbeing
  • Financial capability

Throughout the school there is now a cross-curricular programme, centred in PSHEE, giving guidance about social media, and how to keep safe while using all the different outlets. Keeping pace with the latest laws and in close contact with the ICT department, the programme makes sure we have the most up to date information and advice.