Multi Award winning Mainstream Dyslexia Specialist School for years 3 to 11

Educational Psychology Assessment

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Dr Chris Wood – Educational Psychologist

I am a doctoral level qualified educational psychologist, specialising in learning difficulties, autism spectrum conditions, youth offending and special educational needs/disabilities tribunals and disputes. I have worked in local authority and independent contexts, and also represented families in a wide variety of legal processes. I am motivated by a strong desire to ensure children get what they need - whether this is through comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, advocacy and, when needed, representation at tribunal hearings.

Dr Huw Williams – Educational Psychologist

I am a Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC) registered and fully qualified educational psychologist, specialising in a wide range of learning difficulties, sensory impairment, vulnerable learners and special educational needs/disabilities tribunals. I also engage in medico-legal expert witness work in the UK and abroad.

I have worked in local authority, university, national and international third sector and independent contexts for over 25 years. In my work I do my utmost to apply psychology to identify a need and to seek positive solutions to help children and young people achieve their potential . My aim is to complete accurate and meaningful assessments that support progress and achievement. I am pleased to work closely with children, young people with their families to provide advocacy and professional representation when required.