Multi Award winning Mainstream Dyslexia Specialist School for years 3 to 11

Assistive Technology (AT)

Our aim is for Assistive Technology to become part of all that we do, for it to be second nature so that our pupils can access this support independently and with confidence.

We want all of our learners to be independent and not seek reliance on an individual for support if they can avoid it. By using Assistive Technology this develops their independence and skills that they can use both throughout their lessons each day and also after their time at Moon Hall.

Pupils are supported and encouraged to use Assistive Technology through a variety of ways; through using dictation (speech-to-text) and read aloud (text-to-speech) software, Inspiration mind-mapping software, and touch typing lessons.

Use of Technology

"SENCos may wish to consider the use of technology to a much greater extent instead of readers and scribes. Computer readers, examination reading pens, speech recognition technology and word processors not only allow candidates to work independently but are also a better preparation for Further and Higher Education and the world of employment" (JCQ 2020)


Touch typing using KAZ

  • Can be accessed from home at Kaz: Flying Start
  • Students use their school email address and the set-up password: Moon2021!

Once logged on, students have the following options:

  • ‘My Results’ – see individual accuracy (1st goal = 90%) and speed results
  • ‘The Basics’ & ‘And The Rest’ – touch typing lessons to start with / come back to
  • ‘Just Do It’ – muscle memory builder, including Moon Hall keywords, and challenges
  • ‘SpeedBuilder’ – daily practise to build speed and accuracy
  • Inter-school’s Challenge – click on the cup


FREE touch typing resources


( image - www.achievenow.org.uk)

'Positive screentime' at home - please encourage 10-15 minutes ‘play’ as and when possible


Improve how the layout of your device looks, for example text size / style / colour and backgrounds, and the way you use it


TextHelp Read&Write*

Did you know? 

"A year long study identified that 66% of Read&Write* users saw an improvement in reading age, compared to non Read&Write users (27%)" (quote source)

Everyone likes a freebie! 

As the school have paid for Read&Write for use in school, so students can have free installation on devices at home 

* with features such screenreader / text-to-speech and speech-to-text

* for use on all software applications and online at home and at school

* for use in exams for those with access arrangements

* Overview of the Read&Write for Windows Tools


    Reader pens


    Books, books, books

    Merely some suggestions . . . 

    Surrey libraries 



    Storyline Online - Home




    BBC Teach




    As always, please contact David Curran directly if you have any thoughts, need any further help, or if you have any questions about anything Assistive Tech 😊