Multi Award winning Mainstream Dyslexia Specialist School for years 3 to 11


Key Stage 3

Drama at Key Stage 3 concentrates on developing student’s confidence, communication skills and self-esteem through a cross-curricular approach with close links to English, Music, PSHE, Geography and History.

Drama is taught weekly in all year groups up to Key Stage 3 and a BTEC Award in Performing Arts is offered as an option for KS4 pupils. The Performing Arts building is split between music and drama and has space for practical workshops and rehearsals. The drama department is equipped with a variety of live sound equipment as well as brand new LED stage lighting and technical desk which is used regularly in our lessons at KS4 and for school performances.

Pupils are given the opportunity to explore and develop performance techniques in a range of theatrical and modern styles, absorbing the language of drama through practical activities. They are guided to perform, be creative and devise through a variety of engaging projects set by the Department. They will develop skills in performing, presenting, teamwork, listening to others as well as valuing production roles in drama and exploring opportunities to express themselves creatively. They will have the opportunity to think about the practical and technical skills required in the theatre such as lighting, sound, costume and set design with practical projects interwoven into their studies.

Pupils are also encouraged to partake in a musical production, staged at a local theatre, each academic year. Our most recent showing of Aladdin took place at The Harlequin in Redhill and was a roaring success for all involved!

Key Stage 4

We follow the syllabus for the Pearson BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts. This qualification is split into three components. The first and second assignments will be completed in Year 10 and the third is completed and submitted in Year 11.

How is it assessed?

•             Component 1: Exploring the Performing Arts (30% of BTEC)

•             Component 2: Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts (30% of BTEC)

•             Component 3: Responding to a Brief (40% of BTEC)

The course is split into three components in which students have to research a range of theatre practitioners and consider their work. They then have to apply their ideas to their own practical performance work by developing and performing existing material. They have to log their process and evaluate their success in their portfolios. Finally, they have to respond to a set theme provided by the exam board and devise their own work for examination.

In previous years, Year 10 and 11, our two senior years, visited New York for a long weekend which included going to a Broadway show, going backstage and having some lessons at a theatre school. We make regular trips to the theatre in all Key Stages, having recently seen ‘An Inspector Calls’ and ‘Come From Away’ in London

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