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Education Health and Care plans (EHCP) came into effect in September 2014 and replaced Statements of Special Educational Needs. EHC plans may be awarded by the Local Authority to children with significant additional needs due to severe, complex and lifelong learning needs.

An EHCP will be issued when, following a Statutory Assessment, the Local Authority considers the pupil requires provision beyond that which a school can usually be expected to offer. The school recognises that a request for Statutory Assessment does not inevitably lead to an EHCP. EHCPs state the learning objectives, outcomes and additional resources (in terms of finance, human and/or physical) in order to meet the specific need.

The Education needs and additional support funded through EHCPs is formally reviewed annually, with review documents submitted to the SEND team at the awarding Local Authority.

Moon Hall School, Reigate works with parents, external agencies and children themselves in conducting reviews.

In some cases, Moon Hall School, Reigate will assist parents in lodging and following through with the initial application for EHCP funding.  In other cases, a child may already have EHCP funding in place. Funding may cover all or part of the child’s school fees. Additional funding may be granted to cover transport, therapy and other costs.

Pupil Passports

We are endeavoring to create Pupil Passports for all pupils at Moon Hall School. These paint a profile of need of the pupil and strategies that should be employed to reduce barriers to learning and ensure that pupils have the appropriate adaptations made so that they can thrive. SENCos, teachers, pupils and parents have input into the Pupil Passports and these are updated at least annually. All staff members have access to the Pupil Passports so that they can support our pupils appropriately. 

EHCP Guide

Please see document below about applying for an EHCP.

Applying for an EHCP