Multi Award winning Mainstream Dyslexia Specialist School for years 3 to 11


Moon Hall recognises the importance of speech and drama for all our students irrespective if they display an interest in, or an aptitude for, performance or literature. Within the school curriculum, the LAMDA (London Academy of Music, Drama and the Arts) external programme for speech and drama is delivered in small groups from Year 7 to 9 and supports the English curriculum speaking and listening requirements.

Many of our students arrive suffering from low self-confidence. Some have been held back and are embarrassed by their poor speech; others have never been in a positive environment alongside peers where they have felt comfortable enough to make their voice heard. For our dyslexic students, many who do not see themselves as having the potential to perform or deliver a speech, either individually or as part of a group, speech and drama classes can provide life-long benefits allowing them to explore and further their own talents and potential. More crucially it allows them to develop their communication skills which raises their self-esteem, allowing them to find their own voice to articulate their ideas and feelings. This ability to converse with confidence, whether it is with their peers or with adults, is crucial in our competitive and challenging world.

Moon Hall is a private examination centre for LAMDA and all students have the opportunity to sit a wide range of communication and performance exams. The exams are undertaken during the Summer Term and students are awarded accredited certification for UCAS [University and Colleges Administration Services] points.

The website for the London Academy of Music Drama and the Arts states that:

‘Our examinations are about achievement and empowerment. Anyone can take a LAMDA exam, regardless of age, ability, ambition or experience. Our ultimate aim is to provide every individual with the opportunity to develop the life skills they need to be a success, wherever their future takes them.’