Multi Award winning Mainstream Dyslexia Specialist School for years 3 to 11

Admissions Process

Moon Hall School Reigate welcomes applications on behalf of girls and boys from any educational background.

Admission is based on the review of submitted specialist reports relating to the child’s educational needs and developmental progress and these must include a diagnosis of dyslexia as his or her primary special educational need.

Acceptance will depend on review of school reports and any specialist reports relating to their educational needs or developmental progress and attendance at a taster day/days.

As a small school with a limited number of places, we have to carefully assess the suitability of each pupil before making a decision as to whether we can offer a place.  Moon Hall School Reigate will not offer any child a place unless the staff feel confident that they can help him or her.  We cannot accept children whose behaviour may compromise the learning of others (or, indeed, their own learning).

We only accept children when they have joined us for at least one day to see whether they fit in with the existing pupils in their likely grouping. Their visit should result in them wanting to join us.

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