“Friends” by name and friendly by nature, our PTA supports the school with a wide variety of community building and fundraising events. Being a smaller school, we can get to know parents and pupils well.

We are a mix of Mums, Dads & teaching staff and organise a wide range of activities throughout the year including:

  • New parent welcome evenings
  • Friday tuck shop
  • Cake & uniform sales
  • Family bingo night
  • Fish & chip suppers
  • Family BBQs
  • Tea on the lawn
  • Quiz nights
  • Live music evenings & discos
  • Christmas fare

To assist the Friends, we have class reps who support their parent year groups and co-ordinate volunteer lists for events and activities.

We use a PTA led parent communication system called Classlist. Simple and safe, it allows parents to become part of the school community the moment they join. Loved by parents, Classlist ensures we are always up-to-date with events and activities, can easily send birthday invites, find lost socks, arrange car shares, exchange information and much more.

Friends of Moon Hall School Reigate are a friendly team, we are grateful for offers of help and new parents are guaranteed a warm welcome.

Anne Baker