Moon Hall is currently focusing on the development and teaching of the school’s Oracy curriculum in order to encourage students to become avid readers, fluent writers and confident speakers. We believe we need to instil in our students the need for motivation, confidence and resilience through the implementation of the physical, linguistic, cognitive and social and emotional strands of oracy.

We are using the English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. suite of courses to teach these skills. ESB is a national awarding organisation offering qualifications focused on communication skills at school, in college and throughout life. These qualifications are mapped to the relevant National Curriculum requirements & carry UCAS points. Assessors are trained in such a way that supports our philosophy to have the sensitivity to discern the presence of gifts in others and the skills to bring them to light. Students are tested on their communication skills in a supportive group and the syllabus aims to give every child a voice, to inspire confidence and increase self-esteem: vital life skills which they can take beyond the classroom into their adult lives.