Message from the parents of a child who graduated from Year 11:

“We were, and remain, deeply impressed by the way you all identified [his] good qualities and potential strengths so quickly and worked so hard to build on them. We are also amazed at the extent to which you were able and prepared to treat [him] and his classmates as individuals in the classroom, and to do so without sacrificing any overall academic standards. …If there are any parents who may be hesitating to send their child to Moon Hall we should be happy to talk to them about our experience of what you have to offer. 

As far as we can tell, your school is now unique, at least in this part of the country, in providing good educational opportunities, right the way through to GCSE level, for children who really need a small friendly school in order to thrive.”

Message from the parents of a past pupil

“Moon Hall transformed the life of our daughter and has opened up a world of opportunity for her that would have been unavailable otherwise. We will be eternally grateful”

From the parents of a pupil

“Your school gave Annie hope.  At [Moon Hall], she had the chance to shine. She flourished and she was so, so happy. As her self-esteem and confidence grew, Annie began to believe in herself.

You gave Annie that gift.  Thank you.”

Message from the parents of a senior school pupil

Many thanks for helping us to reconnect with our lovely boy who was trapped by his dyslexia before he came to Moon Hall. We are so proud of everything he has achieved under your care.”

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