Fees and other charges for the Academic Year 2019-20

Per Term


Basic Fee


Juniors 3-6 £6,160
Years 7-8 £6,970
Year 9 £7,285
Years 10-11 £7,340


Full Dyslexia Support applies where our assessment is that a higher level of overall support is needed. There is a presumption that this will be or will become applicable in the cases of children who require regular additional 1 to 1 support in the Junior School, therapy or counseling. Parents will be notified if this fee is or will become payable.

Internet Banking:

The School’s bank details are shown below. Please ensure that the pupil’s name or reference number is included as a reference
Bank: Barclays
Sort Code: 20-24-00
Account: 20789119
Account Name: Moon Hall School Educational Trust

Payment of Fees

All fees and charges must be paid before the first day of term. Overdue accounts are subject to late payment charges being levied as per the parental contract.


A non-refundable registration fee of £150 is payable on registration.


A deposit of £650 is payable on acceptance of a place in the school. The deposit is refundable after the last term subject to payment of all outstanding accounts.

Sibling Discount

A sibling discount of 5% is in place for the first sibling and 10% for the second and succeeding siblings. This discount will be applied to the youngest child.

Assessment Fee

For applicants without an Educational Psychologist’s Report, an Assessment by the SENCo department may be required at a charge of £160. A brief report on the assessment will be provided whether or not the child is admitted.

Annual assessments

Annual assessments or reports by the SENCo department will be charged at £275 per assessment

Specialist advice

From time to time we are requested to provide specialist advice, for example in support of applications for funding by a Local Authority or appeals. We are happy to give general advice without charge and to complete the standard Local Authority questionnaires but if our specialist expertise is sought in order to support the advocacy of such an application or appeal, a separate charge will be made at the rate of £80 per hour per person and will only be undertaken if we believe the application is justified and we have the resources available. If we agree to undertake the work, we will make an assessment of probable time involved and will need a payment in advance plus further payments if more time than expected is required. We may have to engage additional staff to provide this service.

Local Authorities

Fees payable by Local Authorities (LA) in respect of children funded by them are negotiated separately with the relevant LA to reflect the cost of the specific provision agreed under the EHCP and the terms of the contract under which the child is placed. If a child is accepted by the school in advance of a contract being concluded with the LA, the parents will be liable for fees as stated in this Fees Sheet until the LA accept responsibility. If the LA agrees to fund part only of the school’s fees, the parents will be responsible for payment of any balance between that part and the Full Dyslexia Support fee above and for any extras not covered by the agreement with the LA. For more information please contact the Bursar on 01306 611939.

School Minibus

For information about our minibus services please press the link here https://www.moonhallschoolreigate.co.uk/admissions/school-transport/

Late Collection

Pupils not attending Clubs or Matches who are collected after 4.30 pm without prior agreement with the school will be liable to a charge to reflect the cost of supervision. One warning will be issued before the first charge is made.



GCSE/BTEC exam fees and related fees are charged as an extra.

Class outings

Admission fees, travelling, restaurant and accommodation costs are charged as an extra for outings that are part of the curriculum studies. Parents are advised of the proposed outing and cost in advance. A bursarial contribution towards the cost for outings that involve overseas travel and/or accommodation may be available in case of demonstrated need. For information please apply to the Bursar.


Additional educational support:

One to one support

It is the school’s policy to provide as much support as it can within class in order to avoid pupils being withdrawn from class and consequently missing important lessons. Where regular additional one to one support is still necessary it will replace less important lessons or other time will be found. In the junior school, the full dyslexia support fee will cover the cost of one session per week. Other sessions are charged at £365 per weekly session per term.

Speech & Language and Occupational Therapy

The school has visiting Speech & Language Therapists and a visiting Occupational Therapist. Their charges for assessments and for programmes of therapy will depend on the purpose of the assessment and the extent of any therapy proposed. Depending on the terms of the arrangement we have with the therapist, there may be an additional charge for the School’s role in the provision of the therapy and related administration. For more information about these fees please contact our Bursar.


A trained counselor visits the school regularly by appointment. Arrangements are made directly between the parents concerned and the counselor on the counselor’s terms.


A range of clubs are available after school up to 5:30 or 6:00 pm. The usual charge is £75 per term per club but in some cases the charge is higher to cover the hire of external facilities. Some clubs may be provided by outside providers on their terms.


Depending on demand and the timetable, pupils may have the choice of sports other than the standard ones, which may take place over an extended afternoon. For example, if golf is chosen there will be an extra charge to cover the fee paid to the golf club or instructor; similarly if a sport such as kayaking, sailing or wind surfing is chosen.