Moon Hall School, Reigate welcomes applications on behalf of girls and boys from any educational background. Admission is based on review of specialist reports relating to their educational needs or developmental progress and attendance at a taster day/days.

We always recommend a visit to see the School and to talk with the Headmistress as well as to other members of staff before submission of documentation is made. We warmly welcome you and your family to join us at a forthcoming Open Morning or on an individually arranged visit. Please click here to arrange a meeting. We look forward to seeing you.

Moon Hall School, Reigate is happy to consider applications on behalf of pupils who are not dyslexic but who would benefit from the small classes and individual lesson programmes provided. Acceptance will depend on review of school reports and any specialist reports relating to their educational needs or developmental progress and attendance at a taster day/days.

As a small school with a limited number of places, we have to carefully assess the suitability of each pupil before making a decision as to whether we can offer a place. Moon Hall School, Reigate will not offer any child a place unless the staff feel confident that they can help him or her. We cannot accept children whose behaviour may compromise the learning of others (or, indeed, their own learning).

We only accept children when they have joined us for at least one day to see whether they fit in with the existing pupils in their likely grouping. Their visit should result in them wanting to join us.


Please submit to us complete copies of any specialist reports relating to the child’s educational needs or developmental progress including:

  • Educational Psychology report and other specialist reports which must include a diagnosis of dyslexia as his or her primary special educational need; it must identify any secondary needs and their relationship to dyslexia; it must contain a full cognitive profile. If your report is out of date you may be asked to have your child re-assessed
  • If you do not have an Educational Psychology report you may be asked for your child to be assessed by an Educational Psychologist
  • Speech and Language report if applicable
  • Occupational Therapy report if applicable
  • CAMHS or any other professional reports
  • Latest school report including National Curriculum levels
  • Any other reports applicable to the admissions criteria described in the Admissions Policy on our website.

Statement of Special Educational Needs/EHCP

  • If your child has a statement of Special Educational Needs/EHCP it is essential that you submit a copy of this with your application.
  • Please include a processing fee of £50 when submitting your documentation.

If we consider that our school may be suitable for your child after review of the documentation, we will contact you and arrange for your child to attend a taster/assessment day(s). If you wish your child to attend please ensure that you have filled in the Registration Form and have included the fee of £75*.

In addition we may ask that your child has a screening assessment by our Speech and Language therapist. This will take place on the taster day and will cost £150.  You will be notified of this in advance and payment will be required by cheque on the day. Please note that this is non-refundable if your child is not offered a place.

If after review of the documentation we consider that our school cannot provide a suitable educational setting for your child we will inform you by letter.

Offer of a place

After your child has attended a taster day(s) we will collate the teachers’ assessments and all other feedback and this is submitted to our Admissions Panel. We will inform you by letter if the school can meet, or is unable to meet your child’s educational needs.

Priority in offering places

Priority for places in year 7, is given to pupils currently at one of our junior schools.   We encourage prospective pupils for Year 7 from other schools to seek admission to our Years 5 or 6 first if that is possible.  This gives them time to benefit from the preparatory work we can do with them so they are better prepared for Year 7.  For this reason we generally do not hold places for these pupils for Year 7 in advance.

Once a place has been offered the payment of a deposit and acceptance of the Moon Hall School, Reigate terms and conditions will be necessary to secure it. The deposit will be refunded once the pupil has left and all outstanding fees paid.  It will be forfeited if the place is not taken up.

Whilst we welcome all applications, we regret that the nature of the Victorian building we occupy means we are unable at present to make provision for applicants with a severe physical disability such as one requiring the use of a wheelchair.

Please contact the school reception on 01306 611372 for a copy of the school prospectus